Bob Gill – 1st Place July Unlimited

Jan Jansen – 1st Place July 2-Meter

Bob Gill – 1st Place July RES

Bill Coalson – 1st Place July HL

Activities Coming Up

Upcoming Club Contests:

August Contests - Rescheduled - Saturday August 31st
9am Start - Cancelled due to rain

September HL Contest - Saturday September 7th
9am Start - Foley

September UNL/RES/2M Contest - Saturday September 14th
9am start - Foley


NOTICE: Troy and Peruque
Fields Are Now OFF LIMITS
Due to Landowner Request

Also: Do not use plowed areas
at any field




2019 Season - Contest Schedule:

HL Contests on 1st Saturdays

UNL/RES/2M Contests on 2nd Saturdays

Open Winch - Rounds set by CD



Upcoming Club Meetings: (Please note dates!)

Annual Club Auction - Date/Location TBD


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