Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2017

Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2017

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Hi Flyers: For all of you you didn't make the 2017 FFFF this is to let you know you missed a beautiful day at the field.

People were out early. By 1:00 pm we had 8 fliers out. Bob Gill, Jeff Meles, Rich Rennecamp, Dancing Bill, Fr. Wayne, Missing link Glauco, Art and me.

Sun was out, winds light and lift easily found. The sky was full of electric Aspires, Radians, and Art's electric Oculus (or whatever it was that Art was flying). Plus Bob Gill's plane and Jeff's whatever.

Another amazing January 1st flying day. Plenty warm if you dressed right, great air and fun friends.

Happy and Healthy New Year to everybody.

El Roberto

Hi Fliers,


It was indeed a wonderful day and you only have to look outside today, and at the forecast for the rest of the week, to realize just how nice the weather was for a New Year’s Day. Long undies helped cut the light wind but it was far nicer than some snowy frozen days of the past.


The wind direction fooled us though and Bob Gill had to set up his high start over at the Hwy 79 side of the field while all the e-fliers flew off of the North end of Field A. Worked out ok except that Rich had to pack up and move over to Bob’s side to fly his Ava. Rich you need an e-Fuse for that bird so you can be free of the string. 🙂


I flew for about 30 minutes combined air time with my e-Aspire and two motor packs. I had placed a temp probe on my motor case to monitor heat generation during climb. Found that I had an average of 55*F at the start and 90*F after the climbs which I thought was very good. The new 15x10 prop let me climb at almost a 60deg angle and I was finally able to reach a full 200 meters before the CAM cut off. The next time out the experiment will be to try out the 16x10 prop I bought. I am expecting that it will be even more spectacular.


As Robert said, the lift was very good for the day and every time I decided to come on in, there was even more of it. The only thing that called the day for me was actually my frozen fingers that were hanging out in the breeze. They don’t call it the FFFF for nothing after all.


btw, the grass at the sod farm is looking very nice and I expect that by April we should have some very nice fields to fly off of (until they sell it all again.)


Happy New Year everyone. See you all at the meeting Wednesday.



It was indeed a wonderful day to fly. Since I joined the club we've had 3 years of good weather for the FFFF and I've made all of them.

Attached is the photo of the other 4 fliers at the eLaunch side of the field. I actually had a chance to fly with Glauco with both of us flying the same model plane (his Radian is in the photo.)


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