Three Amigos Aerotow May 25

Three Amigos Aerotow May 25

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Glider Guiders.

Today (Thursday), Ed White, Pete George and I along with ground support from Brian Molloy held our first aerotow of the season at the Phantoms field. We were getting ready for the big Horizon Hobby Aerotow, June 14-18, to be held near Champaign, Illinois.  I flew my 40% 6.5 meter KA 6, Ed flew his 33% 4.6 meter ASW 24 and Pete performed tug duties with his 40% Carbon Cub ( See pic).

There was plenty of lift, we all had good flights, and were able to loosen up our aircraft after winter storage.

Ed got the well-traveled ASW 24 from Wayne and did an excellent job of making repairs, updating electronics and refinishing everything that needed refinishing. His flying was cut short when his telemetry reported a critically low receiver battery. The batteries were fully charged yesterday so he is looking into the problem.

The sailplanes and tug looked very realistic in flight. It was a beautiful day to be at the field.

Larry Anderson

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