Peruque Creek Rd Satellite Field is open – 9/10/18

Peruque Creek Rd Satellite Field is open – 9/10/18

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Hi Fliers,

Stopped by the sod farm today and had a long talk with Matt Keeven. Many things going on.

Main sod farm is about 75% seeded and rest will be done by next week. You can see the new grass coming in already.

They do not plan to strip any of the main fields next year. We should be able to fly there again after a couple of mowings in April.

We may be able to get some foot bridges for crossing the ditches next year at some key points. i.e. crossing the ditch at the corner of Field B next to the bridge, and crossing from Field G to Field A near Peruque Creek Rd.

Best of all, I was given access to the key to the cable gate for the Peruque Creek Rd field. The field is amazing and so much closer than Foley. It is likely that we can fly from this field for the rest of this year. The only downside of this field is that it is ringed with trees on all four sides. Landing areas would definitely need to be out in front of the winches for sure.

I suggest we fly on the Peruque field for HL/2M this Saturday.


Btw, parking is strictly limited to the access road on the North end of the field. There is no turn around area. It is definitely either a “back in” or “back out” situation. (At least you are not likely to fall in a ditch while backing up. 😉

Here is how the field looked this afternoon.

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