Sunday Maiden Flight 2/19/2017

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Hi fliers, Got out to the sod farm this afternoon a little after 2:00 to help Fred with his maiden flights on his new Radian 2.6. Bill C was already there with him and they already had a couple flights … Continued

Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2017

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  Hi Flyers: For all of you you didn’t make the 2017 FFFF this is to let you know you missed a beautiful day at the field. People were out early. By 1:00 pm we had 8 fliers out. Bob … Continued

Contest 11/12/16

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It was a great flying day that challenged us all with lift that was elusive and usually not that strong.  Consistency paid off, with Wayne winning UNL and Art winning RES.  I scored landing points on two of my flights … Continued

Flying Report 10/3/2016

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If you were thinking about coming out today, you made a bad decision. It was a great day for flying as there were thermals available for the taking even in the overcast skies. We had Bob W, Rich, John H, … Continued

Flying Report 8-21-2016

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I can’t remember a nicer day at the field than we had today.  The lucky members at the field were Robert, Ed, Bob W, John H, Dave and his Dad (part-time) and me. The big news of the day was … Continued

Flying Report 8/6/2016

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As previously reported, Robert & Wayne were out flying hand launch this morning when I arrived around 8:30. I set up my winch and flew my new Perfection. Lift was spotty but it was there. I had one popoff but … Continued

Flying Report 7/30/16

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I got to the sod farm around 8:30 and Wayne was already there flying some hand launchbut he said he couldn’t stay long. Soon after I arrived, Art, Bob W., Rich, Larry, Gene,Dennis, Bob G. and Bill arrived. Some were … Continued

May HL/UNL/RES Contests

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  I’m still recovering… Had so much fun yesterday that I literally could not walk when I got home. Had to crawl to the car just to go out to dinner. (well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. But not … Continued

HL Contest 3/19/2016

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Boy o boy, what a difference having four fliers makes for flying HL! I really enjoy the different tasks and strategies that are involved. With four fliers we can finally pair off and fly two on two. Which is something … Continued

Mills Mall 3/5/2016

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Here’s a video from this Saturday. As you can see, Mills is flyable. Very good, Chris. Looks like the M60 takes more air to stay up than the Solius needs. But the air was good that day for both … Continued

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