Sunday Maiden Flight 2/19/2017

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Hi fliers, Got out to the sod farm this afternoon a little after 2:00 to help Fred with his maiden flights on his new Radian 2.6. Bill C was already there with him and they already had a couple flights … Continued

Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2017

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  Hi Flyers: For all of you you didn’t make the 2017 FFFF this is to let you know you missed a beautiful day at the field. People were out early. By 1:00 pm we had 8 fliers out. Bob … Continued

Contest 11/12/16

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It was a great flying day that challenged us all with lift that was elusive and usually not that strong.  Consistency paid off, with Wayne winning UNL and Art winning RES.  I scored landing points on two of my flights … Continued

Flying Report 10/3/2016

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If you were thinking about coming out today, you made a bad decision. It was a great day for flying as there were thermals available for the taking even in the overcast skies. We had Bob W, Rich, John H, … Continued

Flying Report 8-21-2016

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I can’t remember a nicer day at the field than we had today.  The lucky members at the field were Robert, Ed, Bob W, John H, Dave and his Dad (part-time) and me. The big news of the day was … Continued

Flying Report 8/6/2016

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As previously reported, Robert & Wayne were out flying hand launch this morning when I arrived around 8:30. I set up my winch and flew my new Perfection. Lift was spotty but it was there. I had one popoff but … Continued

Flying Report 7/30/16

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I got to the sod farm around 8:30 and Wayne was already there flying some hand launchbut he said he couldn’t stay long. Soon after I arrived, Art, Bob W., Rich, Larry, Gene,Dennis, Bob G. and Bill arrived. Some were … Continued

May HL/UNL/RES Contests

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  I’m still recovering… Had so much fun yesterday that I literally could not walk when I got home. Had to crawl to the car just to go out to dinner. (well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. But not … Continued

HL Contest 3/19/2016

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Boy o boy, what a difference having four fliers makes for flying HL! I really enjoy the different tasks and strategies that are involved. With four fliers we can finally pair off and fly two on two. Which is something … Continued

Fults 2-28-2016

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There were four of us out sloping at Fults today; Ken, Mike, Taylor and myself. The winds were Yuge! It was blowing steady at 28 with gusts recorded at 47mph from the SW. Remarkably, no one lost a plane to … Continued

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