In order for us to fly at the sod farm, we must adhere to the following rules. Also use common sense and respect the property and the owner of the sod farm.

1. Field is open only to members of the MVSA.

2. Be prepared to show your MVSA membership card to the landowner or their employees while you are using the field.

3. No power flying will be allowed except for electric powered aircraft.

4. Guests will be allowed to fly in the presence of an MVSA member only if the guest has a verified AMA license. After two non-contest trips to the field, the guest must join the MVSA, if he/she wishes to continue to fly at the field. Participation in contests shall not be limited by this 2-trip rule.

5. If the dirt roads are soft enough to make ruts, don’t drive on them. Making ruts causes the roads to hold water which keeps them soft. If they are just soft enough to leave tracks, your car will get dirty. That is OK. Use your judgement as to what is a rut and what is a track and err in the sod farm’s favor. Remember, we are guests.

6. If you walk onto the sod and it is wet enough for your feet to leave prints on the sod, do not use the field. If the grass bends over and does not spring back, do not use the field. When footprints are left, the roots are compressed and will cause a dead area in the harvested sod.

7. If you hear the grass “crunch” due to frost, do not use the field. When the temperature is above freezing, it will spring back, when there is frost on the grass or it is frozen, then the blades of grass break because of ice with them. Do not go on the grass then as the damage is permanent. This is critical on days with low morning temperatures. If there is frost on the field, we must wait until it has burned off and the grass blades have thawed before we go on the field.

8. When winches and Hi-starts are set up, it should be done in such a manner that the launch area is near the edge of the field.

9. VERY important the sod is cut with a reel type mower, which means we absolutely cannot leave anything laying on the field when we are finished for the day. All winch turnarounds and Hi-start stakes should be marked in some manner so that they can be located in case of a line break. We cannot take the chance of not being able to locate a turnaround after the line is pulled in. A stake left on the field will damage a reel type mower.

10. Occasionally someone from the sod farm will be mowing or doing other work on the field. They have priority. Do not interfere with their work or expect them to work around you.

11. We must also be sure that only MEMBERS fly at the field. Also,

please remember that we do not pay for the use of the field and as

such are guests of the owners.

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