Gavin Trussell takes the Remus trophy with his Xplorer


Beautiful skies at the Fall Roundup, 2018




2019 Leaderboard



5672 Norm Poti
5186 Marc Marcum
4654 Jerry Shape




Gavin Trussell wins 1st Place Overall in Expert in 2018 with his Xplorer 3


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About Us

The Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS) was organized to promote radio control soaring competition (thermal duration or TD) in the Midwest part of the United States.  The geographical region encompasses Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa and we are always open to welcoming new member clubs interested in holding a weekend contest at their flying site and joining the series.  The OVSS awards a Season Championship to both a Master and Sportsman level pilot who score the highest in the season’s contest schedule flying unlimited class sailplanes according to the scoring section below.

Contest Criteria

Member clubs at a minimum hold a weekend contest* (two days, two separate unlimited class contests) for participants to have a chance to produce a score. It has become the preferred choice of the vast majority of fliers that the Man-on-Man format and normalized scoring be utilized in OVSS contests, but it is not a requirement to hold a contest under this format. Also, at the club’s choice, is the addition of other classes, i.e. two-meter or RES, but it has been shown over the history of the series that clubs that focused on and supported long flight times and five or more rounds of flying only unlimited class  per day had better attendance.

The benchmark of the OVSS is having a minimum of a League of Silent Flight - Level V size contest (20 entries or more) every day of the season, and that has been the case in the majority of contests.

*Except the AMA Soaring Nationals Unlimited Class Contest


Scoring is done on a normalized format that bases a contestant’s score for a particular day’s event as a percentage of the winner’s score times 1000.  For example:

Flier A’s Score = 4109

Winner’s Score = 4376

4109/4376 x 1000 = 938.985

Flyer A's score rounds up to 939.9

(All scores rounded to the tenth of a point)

In each weekend contest that is flown, a flier’s best score is taken to count toward the Season Championship, so in essence, a flier has two opportunities per weekend to generate a score to apply for the Season Championship. The only exception to this is the AMA Soaring Nationals where only one contest opportunity exists to fly Unlimited Class.

In a typical season, there are seven contest weekends (sometimes more or less) and the AMA Soaring Nationals for a total of eight events.

This year, 2019 we have a total of 11 contest weekends!  This year, a flier’s best 6 (six) scores generated per contest weekend or at the Soaring Nationals will count toward the Season Championship in both Master and Sportsman classes. A pilot who flies 7 events or more during the season will have the opportunity to drop their lowest contest score(s) according to the final number of contests flown in the season.

If a tie occurs for the OVSS Season Championship, the following tie breakers will be used in this order:

1) Most number of wins in the pilot’s five scored contests

2) Five minute man-on-man fly-off at the Fall Round Up with the contest landing task


OVSS recognizes two classes of fliers for awards in the year-end Season Championships; they are Master and Sportsman. At each contestant’s first OVSS contest of the year, pilots will declare themselves either a Master or Sportsman class flier. A Master class flier will from that point onward stay in the Master class.  Those choosing to fly Sportsman will fly that class until one of two possible conditions occurs:

  1. 1)The flier decides to change classes voluntarily and this forever elevates the flier to the Master class.

  2. 2)The flier wins the Sportsman class championship at the end of a season.

Final Thoughts

In developing OVSS, the quest for excellence in the endeavor of soaring is the goal, the fellowship of those who have joined in the quest is the reward.  Enjoy the Series, enjoy the flying, enjoy the passion of soaring.

2019 OVSS Schedule

April 27, 28 MOSS/DARTS ALES Dayton Ohio
May 18, 19 Cinnc Aero ALES Harrison, Ohio
June 1, 2 LASS F5J Louisville, Kentucky
June 15, 16 TWS Mixed Toledo, Ohio
June 29, 30 EISS ALES Muscatine, Iowa
July 20, 21 DARTS Mixed Dayton, Ohio
August 3, 4 NATS ALES Muncie, Indiana
August 7, 8 NATS Winch Muncie, Indiana
August 24, 25 SOAR BYOW Chicago, Illinois
Sept 14, 15 Cinnc Aero Mixed Harrison, Ohio
Oct 5, 6 FRU Mixed Muncie, Indiana



Past Scores and Champions

(click on year for OVSS scores)

1998   -   Don Harris

1999   -   Mike Remus

2000   -   Karl Miller

2001   -   Paul Siegel

2002   -   Jim Bacus

2003   -   Rich Burnoski

2004   -   Rich Burnoski

2005   -   Jim Bacus

2006   -   Marc Gellart

2007   -   Karl Miller

2008   -   Karl Miller

2009   -   Karl Miller

2010   -   Chris Lee

2011   -   Chris Lee

2012   -   Chris Lee

2013   -   Chris Lee

2014   -   Chris Lee

2015   -   Bob Burson

2016   -   Rich Burnoski

2017   -   Norm Poti

2018   -   Gavin Trussell

History of the OVSS

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Contact Info

OVSS Coordinators

Karl Miller
Norm Poti
Mike Johnson

OVSS Scorekeeper/Webmaster - Mike Johnson