Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2016

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Caption - Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2016
Caption – Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2016

I got to the park at 10:00 meeting up with Bob Gill.  The sun was shining and it was surprisingly warm.  Winds were moderate.  There were several people at the field.  Two people flying quads and a couple working on “kite boarding”.  They were using a kite and a purpose built skate board to traverse the field.

Bob had his Viking which is a balsa/film gasbag.  Using a highstart he got some huge launches.  He flew out west towards the Muny and found some ridge lift that took him waaaay up.  One of his flights was 7 minutes and he only came down because his fingers got cold.

I flew a Stobel with an ounce of ballast.  There was a lot of pockets of lift that quickly would dump me into pockets of sink.  Flights usually only a minute or so but was great fun.  I got a couple of really nice rides that took me past the treeline on the east side of the field.  I didn’t ride them too long even though I got some good altitude.  Just a chicken about getting back in the wind.  I’m too old to be climbing trees.

We only stayed an hour or so but were both glad we made it out.  I hope our fun portends a great soaring year for us all.