Funfly Thursday 1/13/2016

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Hi Fliers,

We had a little gathering at the sod farm today. Bob Gill, Robert, Art, and myself were there for a brief excursus into the never regions of the atmosphere. Yes, since the FAA now claims jurisdiction over everything down to one inch above the ground, we were flying in the national airspace, and we enjoyed it too!

While we were only there for a short while until the wind made us reconsider our sanity, I did get in several flights on my new Vortex dlg and it flew great! This is the lightest plane that I have ever had at 242g and yet it penetrated into the wind rather easily without ballast. I think this will easily become my go-to plane when the breezes pick up without question. Really looking forward now to finishing up my Stream kits as they are known best for their light air capability.

Robert was there and flew his new XXlite a couple of times until he discovered a problem with an aileron pushrod and switched over to his Stobel for a couple of flights. Bob Gill got his winch all laid out and was preparing his Onyx JW only to discover he was missing his stab alignment pin. Darn. I hate it when that happens. Art got in a couple of flights with his electric Supra and got flipped by a gust on one landing, no damage. Bob’s wind meter was reading a steady 11-14mph but it felt much higher than that, probably due to the wind chill, so we decided to pack it in. Robert said something about wanting to go home to comfort his wife but I didn’t catch it all.

Believe it or not they were harvesting some sod today and we were all beginning to wonder if there was going to be any grass left to fly on in the near future.