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polarii2Hi Fliers,
Caught a chance to get out this morning and make some quick check flights on my recently refurbished Polarises, and some more flights on my recently acquired Vortex dlg.
Got out shortly after sunrise about 8am at Woodlands Park in Saint Peters. Had the park all to myself except for about 100 geese. There was just a hint of breeze in the park, maybe 2-3mph, hardly enough to ruffle a flag, even though the weather app was saying 9mph at Saint Charles airport at the time. I find that there is often a big difference between what is blowing out at the airport in the river valley, and what is experienced down in some of our more sheltered parks.
I flew the Vortex a few times with easy tosses, just to remind myself how sweet it flies. I do like this plane. Then I put up each of the Polarises for about a half dozen flights or so to get them trimmed back up to where they should be. Both of them had been completely gutted and overhauled the last few weeks to bring them back to their peak. All the servos were redone and restrung. All the hanger rashes and dings were patched and repaired. Now all that was left to do was to set the elevator trims for the various flight modes. 
This was the first time out for flying the Polaris Lite since I bought it last year. At 262g it was nearly 50g lighter than my standard Polaris. First impressions were that I could throw it a little higher than the standard and it floated out a little better too. I will be very interested to see just how much better once I get the launch settings tuned under contest conditions and how different it will handle when lift is present.
By 9am I had accomplished all that I had set out to do for the morning and my cheeks were starting to sting a little from the temp. Packed everything back into the car and headed for breakfast at McD’s.
Robert, you shoulda been there. It was sweet!