Eagle Cliff Flying Report 2/9/2016

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We had quite a crowd this Sunday. I arrived at noon to find Ed, Larry and Danne sloping with their wing. Later Dennis, Ken and Pete showed. The wind was west at 15- 20mph with gusts close to 30 mph. Later it died down to 10-15 mph, but with deceptively strong gusts. I first flew my M60 which handled the wind nicely until a gust forced me to nose in hard- scratch the m60.
Then I took out the solius and flew for a long time with fun high speed passes, etc until I nosed that one it too hard- scratch the solius. Ditto with my fox! I was 3 for 3.
Other casualties for the day: Ed’s fox stuck high in the trees on the left and a wing went over the cliff edge. Ken was the only pilot left with his m60 and weasel unscathed.
Even with the all the slope carnage, it was still a fun day. My planes will be back!
Chris M.


Ed White, my brother Danne and I showed up around 1130. Chris provided the basic details of the gathering. One thing to add was after adding ballast to my Weasel I was able to make a good flight.The attached pic shows Ed White and I trying to get his Fox out of the tree with Ed’s bow and arrow retrerval system. We were not successful due to arrow and fishing reel mechanical failure. 🙂Ken Treadue took a very good picture of Chris, Ed and I enjoying the day.
 20160208_143150Larry Anderson


Addendum.  The Fox is back in the basement,what’s left of it.  The mod 2 version of the bow and arrow retrieval system is working … better.  When my wife and I got there the plane had moved again and in fact I couldn’t tell why it didn’t just fall to the ground.  Then I saw a glint of sunlight.  Apparently some idiot went out there last Saturday in 20 deg weather and tried to get it down with a mod 1 retrieval system only to leave the arrow and a bunch of line stuck in the tree also.  The line got wrapped around the tail and was now the only thing keeping the plane in the tree.

 After several shots with the mod 2 system I got a line around the plane enough to shake it hard enough until the vertical stab got torn off and then the wing got hung up on the new line.  Some more shaking and eventually it came low enough to reach up and grab it. I recovered everything except the canopy. Even the mod 1 arrow fell out of the tree and I got that back.  Damage to airframe could be fixed and a new canopy made, but this plane is not worth the effort.  It was pretty, but not the best flying airplane. SLOPE = Smashed, Lost Obliterated or Pulverized Eventually.  Yeah, but it’s still fun. Ed