MVSA August Unl/2M Contest

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Hi Fliers,
It was an exciting day of summer soaring and unfortunately there was also a bit of carnage. Getting the bad news out of the way first, John Heienickle had a short outing in 2 meter due to a broken flap horn. Tony got in two flights with his new Maxa but had a complete power loss coming off tow as the G’s of the zoom caused his power plug to unplug. (as I understood it.) The worst loss of the day came to  Bill Coalson however as he lost visual contact with his Supra and it went in several blocks back in the subdivision southwest of the field. The damage was very extensive and will probably not be worth the effort that would be required to get it flying again.
Hate to say it… but that’s not going to rub out…
Bad news aside, the lift was super abundant today and came through in regular cycles if you knew where to look. I ended up flying my Sagitta 600 in both classes today as I managed to lose my elevator drive pin somewhere between the shop and the field. It is a pretty unique part and will likely require a special order to Europe to replace it. Meanwhile the Euphoria is grounded. Anyway, I was able to make time on 6 of 8 flights on the Sagitta and if I could have bought a few more landing points might have been able to get into the wood.
The overall final results and the cry by cry round results are attached. I’ll leave it to the others that were there to add their details. The camera was busy today. I hope you enjoy the pics.
Here are the final results for the day:
2 Meter
2456    1000.00    Bob Gill
2200      895.77    Wayne Wimbish
1128      459.28    Bob Williams
184           74.92    John Heienickle
2712    1000.00    Dave Quist
2479      914.09    Robert Samuels
2343      863.94    Bob Gill
2213      816.00    Wayne Wimbish
1870      689.53    John Heienickle
1644      606.19    Rich Rennecamp
1550      571.53    Bob Williams
1370      505.16    Tony Estep
595        219.40    Bill Coalson
Had a great day. Hope you did too.

While I did briefly loose sight of my plane while beyond the trees at a medium height, less than a second later it was back in sight.  It was lower in a descending spiral.  It didn’t seem to respond to aileron inputs either way and by this time was heading nearly straight down.  Up elevator seemed to do nothing.  I don’t think I had control, for we watched it for several seconds before it disappeared behind the trees on the other side of Highway 79.  For those that are curious, it was found in the front yard of the house at 274 Gentry Drive.  They called the phone number on the wing of the plane, which was my home phone.  My wife relayed the info to me at the field.  Shows the value of identifying information on the plane.

More photos from Saturday’s contest:

What a great day!