Saturday Flying Report – 9/2/17

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Well, we had another fabulous day of flying with light winds out of the NNW and 81 deg at mid afternoon.  We had Ed, Rich, Duane, Bob G, Jeff, Dennis and myself fun flying. We were on field B and the HL Guys were at the crossroads on field A.  I was video recording with my Shadow (pic Included), Ed and Rich were flying their Supras, Duane his Radian, Bob his Ava/Perfect, Jeff his Oly II/mini Radian, and Dennis a 2M woodie.
Everyone seems to be catching some good lift and Jeff was cracking me up with his mini Radian.  I suggested that he enter it in Unlimited/Res contest next week as it really climbs on a gofer fart!  Bob helped Dennis get his trimmed out and up and away it went.  Rich was re-acquainting himself with his Supra and maybe well see him out next week with it in the contest.  Ed was cruising around with his Supra and picking up lift.  I made a couple of flights with my Shadow with the camera taped pointing out the nose this time.  I have to use 8 clicks of up trim to level it out with the camera taped on.  Lots of drag!  You will see it in the picture.  I’ll upload the video to Vimeo tomorrow as I’m already at a weekly limit of 500MB from last week ! (you can only upload 500MB a week).  I was trying to record the 4 HL guys flying, but every time I went up they came down.  Maybe next time.  Duane was getting some nice flights with his Radian, which we will probably see next week since he is finished with his certifications he has been working on.  I left at 3:00 with Bob and Jeff close behind.
Attached are pictures of Rich with his Supra and my Shadow with the camera taped on the wing.
Keep it up!
Shadow with camera taped on.