Vortex 3 maiden flights a success! – 9/8/17

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Hi fliers,
Went out to the sod farm this morning at 8:30am to test out my new Vortex 3 dlg. The grass was lightly damp from dew but nothing that would have prevented setting up for a TD contest. Sky was clear, zero wind, and for the first hour, zero lift. Perfect conditions for trimming.
Hand tossed it gently to set neutral elevator and then gave it some good tosses. It flew amazing right out of the box. Of course having all of the settings ahead of time from world class pilot Roy Dor of Israel made it very easy. The only other trims I had to work on was for launch and for flap/elevator compensation. Ail/rud mix was spot on a thermal turns were a joy in all flight modes. In fact I like the mix so much I tried it on the NXT and it was great there too. Tells me I had been using way to much rudder mix before.
The overall first impression is that it launches, flies, and handles just like my Stream NXT. In fact, since they are the same color graphics, they even look alike in the air. It will be interesting over the course of time to see how they both grow on me. (keep in mind that I have only had the NXT for two months and am just getting used to it.)
Well, this completes the turnover of my flying circus inventory for this year (and hopefully for some time to come). The new stable includes the Euphoria (Unl), Super Ava Pro (RES), Sagitta 600 (2M), and the Stream NXT and Vortex3 for HL. This means that this winter I can finally get to some long term building projects like finishing off the Magnum 12 kit I have for NOS, and back to repairing the Aspire that crashed at the GSO.
btw, I have also acquired my old Polaris dlg back from Bill Coalson and a Blaster 2 that needs repairs from Robert. It is my plan to bring both of those planes up to snuff and use them for club trainers for anyone in the club who would like to try their hand at flying HL next year, without having to pony up anything ahead of time. These planes would always be brought out to our HL contests, and anyone that wanted to could be shown how to throw them and fly in the contest. (we know you already know how to fly!). Anyone who decided that they liked it would be given plenty of suggestions of what to buy from there as the trainers would not be 4sale. (gotta save them for the next guy) Anyway, that’s the plan.
Looking forward to a great day of flying tomorrow. See you all there.