Wednesday Flying Report – 8/30/17

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Ed, Gene, Art and I flew this morning at the sod farm.  The three of them were flying electric RES planes.  They had fun, finding lift on some flights.
I brought out one of the Stream DLG that I bought from Wayne.  The transmitter program that I created using deflections and mixes Wayne gave me worked right out of the box.  Just a few clicks of elevator trim here and there and a little more elevator for initial launch zoom.  Other than one flight with pilot error (confused right and left when a ways downwind leading to flirting with the sprinkler but getting straightened out to land a long ways off) flying the new to me plane went well.
I want to paint the Stream’s underside wing tips a different color/pattern than the tops so I’ll be less easily confused.  Right now they are identical except for the top has one tip painted and the bottom has both tips painted.
Bill Coalson