June 2 Meter Fun Fly

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MVSA Flyers
We had 12 flyers show up for the contest. Winds were suitable for hi starts, and the hi start gliders were launching as high as the ALES gliders. The lift was intermittent, and some flyers had good luck with thermals, and some did not. We were split 50/50 between ALES and hi start gliders. A reminder that ALES gliders need to have a launch altitude limiting CAM installed. Some guys were switching between ALES and hi start during the contest. We flew six rounds, trying to get 40 minutes cumulative time for the six flights in a 2 1/2 time period.
A total of 65 flights were flown with 23 flights getting bonus points for successfully landing in the 25×50 foot corral.
The cumulative winning time was 33 mins and 59 seconds.

The final standings were:
1. James Laury
2. Bob Gill
3. Robert Samuels
4. Jan Jansen
5. Jeff Melley
6. Kevin Cox
7. Bill Coalson
8. Don Grizina
9. Bill Ott
10.Duane Youngman
11.Danne Anderson
12.John Heinickle

James Laury is new to gliding and will be joining the MVSA right away. He scored well because, on one flight, he caught a big boomer and stayed up for 19 mins 20 seconds flying a Radian. Good job, James. The second-longest single flight was 12 minutes flow by Bob Gill.
Danne Anderson and John Heinickel had equipment problems and were not able to complete six flights. Everyone else flew six flights each.
Even with a little bit of heat, I think the guys had some fun. My thanks to Kevin Cox for the photos.

Until next month

Larry Anderson