July 2 Meter Fun Fly

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Note: Double click the image to view all of the photos.

The joint MVSA and Phantom Flyers 2M Fun Fly was a hot one today. Both the temperature and the competition.

Plenty of fun and good natured ribbing at every opportunity.

The 10 minutes, Jansen Special Rule, took some explaining. But I think it accomplished what I intended. I.E. limit the overall benefit from a very long flight. The 30 minutes total time goal came into play for the first and second place finisher. Both had less than 10 minutes left in order to reach the goal before the last flight.

Plenty of action around the coral. Several beautiful landings. Some last fraction of a second flips for zero points. Some graceful cartwheels. And at least one case of completely circling the coral before landing outside the coral.

Serious lift only on the handful of flights which determined the to dogs from the rest of the pack. Most flights around 3 minutes.

Close spacing in the middle of the pack.

Final Finishing Order:

  1. Bill Coalson, 4 seconds over the 30 minutes goal
  2. Robert Samuels, 6 seconds over the goal
  3. Larry Anderson, 29:06 (Min:Sec)
  4. Bill Ott, 24:43 
  5. Bob Gill, 23:43
  6. Jeff Melly, 23:02
  7. James Laury, 23:00
  8. Kevin Cox, 22:34
  9. Ed White, 20:17
  10. Jan Jansen, 18:10
  11. Dan Sundman, 13:34