Blue Sky Fall Fly Day

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By Dan G. – MVSA Webmaster

The sky grew into a dark blue as the afternoon of flying came to a close for three of us today at the main field.

Jeff M. made his way out flying for the first time since June. “Here is to the maiden flight,” he said launching his Ava Pro.

The wind was light but built up to 8-10 at times. The cloudless sky and wind from the west mean launching into the sun. We continued on. The lift was in pockets and at times grew into strong columns.

Bob G. pulls his new Icon back on the hi-start.

Bob G. flew his newly acquired Icon. He said he had a tough day of flying, although it was tough for us to notice.

Dan G. flew the Aspire and seemed to turn the day into a landing practice – always in the 80’s and 90’s on the tape.

Dan G. shoots a selfie with Jeff M. (on his phone) and Bob G. re-positioning the hi-start.

The wind shifted throughout the afternoon. At one point the hi-start was moved to the far right of the field. A wind shift blew the chute into the trees. The line was moved back to the left side of the field and the chute came easily.

At the end of the day Jeff M. had great lift over the back edge of the field. What a sight – his Ava Pro floating against the cobalt sky. It feels like fall weather flying is here – finally.