Contest Scheduling Guidelines

All contest dates and rain out dates will be determined prior to the start of the contest season. Those dates are to be posted on the Club Calendar. Guidelines for Unlimited, RES, 2M, and Hand launch (HL) contests as follows:

Unlimited, RES, 2M and HL contest guidelines

Contest dates, once voted on and approved, are firm dates for the season and will not be changed. In the event of bad weather (wind, rain, etc.) or other unforeseeable conflicts that would prevent us from having a contest on the scheduled contest date, the contest can be cancelled by the Contest Director and/or the Contest Coordinator. In the event of cancellation, the make up date then becomes the new official contest date. Make up dates will always be two weeks following the cancelled regular original date. In the event that the make up is also cancelled, the contest will not be rescheduled.

Minimum number of contestants

At least three contestants are required for a valid contest for a competition class. In the event that the minimum number of contestants are not present, that particular contest class will not be rescheduled. However, other classes with valid numbers of entrants may be rescheduled if necessary per the above guidelines.

Conflicts with sport flying

Regularly scheduled contests (including make up events) take priority over fun flyers wanting to use the field, during which time sport flying may take place on other areas of the sod farm as long as they do not present a conflict with the conduct of the contest.