Larry A. walks his ALES plane back to the hanger on cold windy last contest of 2021.
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2021 Season Ends with Cold Disruption

The 2021 soaring season in St. Louis ends with a cold blustery three round battle against the elements. The contest tipped the scale for the year end results.


“Frozen Fingers” Fun Fly
Sat. January 1st 2022 – 11 am CST – Main Field

Fly, Volunteer, Watch

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+ Sat. 11/1/22 Frozen Fingers Fun Fly @ 10am / Main Field

NOTE: AMA Members welcome to compete. Guests & Volunteers welcome. On Thermal Duration and 2-Meter Fun Fly contests we can always use volunteers to time flights and help manage the contest. All non-club members must make request to attend using our Contact Us form.

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Rich works on his landings before the last contest of the year.

2021 – Longest Flights

Wayne – 1 hour, 30 minutes (5/10/21)

Bill O. – 40 minutes, 20 seconds (4/25/21)

Bob G. – 36 minutes, 35 seconds (March)

Dan G. – 25 minutes (1/21/21)

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Club Champions – 2020 Season

Bob G.

1st RES + 2nd Unlimited, 3rd 2-Meter

Wayne W.

1st Unlimited, 1st Hand Launch

Bill C.

1st 2-Meter
2nd Hand Launch

Rich R.

2nd RES

Robert S.

3rd Unlimited
3rd Hand Launch

Jeff M.

2nd 2-Meter
3rd RES