June Fun Fly – Blue Sky Heat – Little Lift

Dave Q finds some lift on a warm summer club Fun Fly at the main field on Saturday June 15, 2024. Almost a dozen members came out for the monthly fun fly. Temperatures topped out at 92 F on this blue sky day. Lift was tough and a few members experienced low level wind sheer on approach. The first arrived around 8:30am and most were gone by 1pm. MVSA Photo / Dan G.

Countdown – June ALES Contest

May Thermal Duration – STL Desert for Challenging Day – A Near Reprise of April Contest

Bill O. flies his glider in the Unlimited Class on Saturday May 11, 2024. He vies for 1st place in the class against fierce competition. The season is just beginning and ends in November. Nine competitors came out on Saturday and braved a dry cloudless sky and winds up to 20 mph for the May Thermal Duration Contest. Dan G./ MVSA Read More…

Upcoming Club Events

  • June 8 – Thermal Duration Contest
  • June 15 – Fun Fly
  • June 22 – ALES

2024 Auction – Donations Raised Money for the Club

Robert S, MVSA President, auctions off items ranging from a women’s electric razor to a 1970’s era Sailaire glider to benefit the club on Tuesday April 2, 2024 in St.Louis, MO. Fifteen members enjoyed dollar roll sandwiches and soft drinks as they bid on items donated by fellow club members. The annual auction is a club tradition. The 150 inch wingspan Sailiare sold for $50. It was one of the most competitive gliders in the mid-1970s. Video by MVSA
Our webmaster’s plane as it came very close to club President Robert S.’s Volo glider today at the main field. There was no “physical interaction” in the air but it’s all part of learning. Although tomorrow’s ALES contest was cancelled good temperatures and a little sun brought eight members out to fly today. According to the forecast today was the last flying day until next Wednesday. – Dan G./ MVSA Webmaster

11 Celebrate 2024 New Year with
Annual “Frozen Fingers” Event

Eleven brave 35F temps to fly in the annual Frozen Fingers Fun Fly at the main field on January 1, 2024. Robert S. makes his first flight in months and the field saw it’s first crash of the year. Most made their first flight of the year but the frigid temps kept the event to 90-minutes. The 2024 competition season will begin on March 2nd with a Hand Launch / DLG contest.

Bob G.

1st Unlimited
1st RES
1st 2-Meter

Wayne W.

1st ALES
1st hand Launch

Dave Q.

2nd Unlimited
3rd ALES

Rich S.

2nd RES
2nd Hand Launch
3rd 2-Meter

Bill O.

3rd Unlimited
2nd 2-Meter
Longest Flight


2nd ALES

Kevin C.

3rd Hand Launch

Dan G.

3rd RES

2024 – Longest Flights

Bob G.
35 Minutes, 35 Seconds (2/3/24)
Wayne W.
33:01 (12/23/23)
Dave Q.
27:19 (11/18/23)

Club Champions – 2023 Season

Winter Flying

In our club “Maiden Flights” are a big deal. The goal is always to complete the test flights without incident and move on to learning the plane deeper. Read More —->

NOTE: AMA Members welcome to compete. Guests & Volunteers welcome. On Thermal Duration and 2-Meter Fun Fly contests we can always use volunteers to time flights and help manage the contest. All non-club members must make request to attend using our Contact Us form.