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Annual Longest Silent Flight Time Award

  • 2020-Bob Gill 66′ 66”


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MVSA Club TD Soaring Contest First Place TopGuns











Activities Coming Up

2020 Season – Contest Schedule:

Note:  Open Winch – Rounds set by CD; check the Club Calendar for assigned Contest Director,  watch Club email for assigned time and assigned field.  Everything is weather and field condition dependent.  Arrive at the field early enough to set up field equipment and have your plane ready for flight at the start time.

  • HL Contests on 1st Saturdays
  • UNL/RES/2M Contests on 2nd Saturdays
  • 2M Fun Fly 3rd Saturday
  • Makeup Date 4th Saturday

Upcoming Club Meetings:

  • January Meeting – Jan 29th – Bridgeton Trails Library 7pmMAP
  • February Meeting – Feb 20th – Thornhill Branch Library 7pm Map
  • March Meeting – Mar 25th – Thornhill Branch Library 7pm Map
  • April Samules Auction Postponed
  • December Christmas Party – 

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Flight Planning:  Flying Field, Weather, & Flight Restrictions

Requirement:  The use of our flying site is a privilege and that privilege requires a minimum amount of knowledge.  The following links provide a quick method for learning and reviewing what it means to be a pilot in our club and to fly at one of our fields  Your membership application is your acknowledgment that you are aware of these requirements and rules.  All guests and members are required to be knowledgeable and willing to adhere to these rules.  Fly safe and have fun flying.

St Louis Airspace Tour

Flight Restrictions:

FAA Drone Zone

AMA Safety Handbook

Flying Field:

Field Rules

Flyable Fields

Field Location


WeatherLink Remote Sensors

KSTL Aviation Weather

10 day Weather Forecast

Friends of the:

Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS)