Rich R. makes the first launch of the 2022 MVSA season in Foley, MO on May 14, 2022. The season stared late due to a series of postponed and then cancelled contests due to high winds and rain. The first contest was hit with light and variable winds making downwind launches hip, 90 degree temps and good lift.

NEWS: 1st Contest of 2022 held May21st – 8 brave 90’s, light & variable, conditions

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Hand Launch Contest

Saturday June 4
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May 21
Food, Folks, Flying

June 4
Hand Launch Contest

June 11
Thermal Duration

June 18
Food, Folks, Flying

July 2
Hand Launch Contest


Food, Folks and Flying from April 16.

NOTE: AMA Members welcome to compete. Guests & Volunteers welcome. On Thermal Duration and 2-Meter Fun Fly contests we can always use volunteers to time flights and help manage the contest. All non-club members must make request to attend using our Contact Us form.

2022 – Longest Flights

Bryan G. – 27 minutes – 4 seconds (3/15/22)

Bob G. – 23 minutes – 0 seconds (3/15/22)

10 Flyers come out for a rare crisp 60 degree day in St.Louis

Club Champions – 2021 Season

Bob G.

1st Overall
1st RES
2nd Unlimited
1st 2-Meter
3rd ALES

Wayne W.

2nd Overall
1st Unlimited
1st ALES
1st Hand Launch

Dan G.

3rd Overall
2nd RES
3rd 2-Meter

Robert S.

2rd Unlimited
3rd Hand Launch

Bill O.

2nd 2-Meter
3rd RES

Larry A.

2nd ALES

Dave Q.

2nd Hand Launch

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