Dave “The Prez” Q., MVSA President
Bob G.
VP Contest Ops.
Rich R.
Secretary / Treasurer
Dan G.
Bob W.
Equipment Manager

Dave Q., MVSA President
The first time you circle your plane in a thermal, and you ride it up until you can hardly see it, you will be hooked for life. The grandeur of flying sailplanes is the challenge of every flight due to the constantly changing conditions. MVSA is a great club and has been around since the mid 70’s.

When I joined around 1977-78 the club was flying at Koch Park in Florissant. I happened to be swimming at the pool one day and saw an Olympic Sailplane with transparent red wings gliding over the corner of the pool. It really grabbed my attention as it didn’t have an engine and the plane was circling in a thermal and kept going up.

My father flew RC engine planes so I was very familiar with them. After riding my bike down the hill to the field, I met Dan McIntee and current club President of the time, Charlie Watts, and they suggested I join the club. It was a great decision as we had many helpful members then as we do now. If you are interested in learning about flying sailplanes and joining a great group of folks, our club is a great one to join.

If you are just beginning, or enjoy the competition you will have a lot of fun! Anyone interested in sailplanes is encouraged to contact any of us here and join us for a day of flying at our beautiful flying site. I look forward to seeing everyone at the field.

Note: Due to COVID-19 we have moved our meetings online using ZOOM. If you would like to drop in for a visit at one of our meetings, a link can be found on the club calendar. Please feel free to join us.

Club meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of the month at the Bridgeton Trails Branch Library from October – March. From May – September meetings are typically postponed in favor of impromptu fun flying at the club field. (with any necessary business being conducted by email.) Please check the front page for monthly details as the library dates can vary due to availability.

St. Louis County Library
Bridgeton Trails Branch
3455 McKelvey Rd

Library meetings starting time: 7:00 P.M
Club field meeting starting time: 6:00