The following fields at the sod farm are currently available for flight activity
(assuming other field conditions as outlined in the Field Rules are met):


O’Fallon Main Field

O’Fallon Main Fields  A thru G except for the most northern half of field D – Open for all sailplane classes, several of the Northeasterly fields are currently being harvested  

(updated 5/7/2020)


Foley Field

Foley Fields 1 thru 4 Flyable – Open to all sailplane classes, North-South field road was very soft with deep mud holes, the two southern fields are protected by a very deep and wide drainage ditch on all four sides, fields 1 and 2 have easy access at the pumping station

updated (05/07/2020)


Peruque Creek Field

Perqueue Field – is restricted to Hand Launch Only.  Observe crop restrictions

(updated 3/2/2020)

Please Observe all Field Rules and remember that we are Guests
(especially freezing temp rules during Fall thru Spring)

Main Sod Field RC Flying
Foley RC Flying
Peruque Creek RC Flying