TD Competition

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8-9 contests best 6 scores
7    contests best 5 scores
6    contests best 4 scores
0-5 contests best 3 scores

2 Meter Fun Fly


MVSA Annual Max Time Duration Trophy

Current Leader

Pilot: Bob Gill 9/22/2020




MVSA TopGuns Compete At The 2020 NATS

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Hi fliers,

This is my final Nats report. I’m writing Saturday morning since I was too beat last night to do anything more than eat dinner.

The rain that washed Thursday out moved out overnight and Friday dawned dry but with streaky high overcast. There were enough breaks to get some heating but lift was still pretty spotty. The top fliers usually made time but Dave and I had a pretty painful day, with both of us dragging pretty close to the bottom of the barrel.

I liked flying my Euphoria so much earlier in the week that I took off the prop and flew it for four rounds off the tow hook. The conditions of the day though did not favor it, and with the prop spinner being my only skeg I wouldn’t go for any landings. Switched over to my Aspire the last three rounds but it was out of trim for some reason. Finally got things sorted out the last round for a max and a decent landing. Overall it was a depressing kind of day. Even the dog peed on my plane in the 4th round!

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It was asked what models were there. Here is a list of what I saw. May not be complete but it’s close.

So it was a good week, but had its frustrations. Had some good times with old a new friends and had enough good flights sprinkled around to make it fun in the overall. Now looking ahead to next year, and the planes I’ll need if I want to up my game.

See you all for next Saturday’s HL contest (8/8) and the TD contest on the following Sat (8/15). (I am CD for both.)

Have fun and be safe,


Models Seen this Week

F5J Models


Explorer BF






Euphoria V2



Pike Dynamic


Radian XL


HL models

Concept X5




Vortex 3

Stream NXT



Blaster 3


UNL Models


Pike Dynamic

Pike Perfection

Euphoria V2


Explorer 1,2, &3

Bird of Time




Here is my addition,

I made a huge mistake last weekend trying to fix my pop off problem I was having. Every practice launch I kept adding down clicks in launch mode for the elevator until it stopped popping off. I thought I fixed it and was wrong. I should have moved the hook up one notch and I probably wouldn’t have had a problem. 

So during the day I had some short flights and maxes too. My last two were the worst. Round 6 where I popped off, got a relaunch and popped off again half way up. Needless to say I didn’t make much time. On round 7, the last one I popped off again after more down clicks. I was able to scrape a little lift and went way down wind over the trees/camping area and lost orientation at 150 feet. Somehow I was able to get it back in control and headed back. I was in a good corridor and I couldn’t believe it, I got a shot at making it back. Then I got sucker bumped and made a wrap which I shouldn’t have done and landed 5 meters out of the landing area and took a 0 for the round when my time was 6:30. So I moved the hook forward but didn’t get a chance to try it.

Bill and I had a good laugh when timing one of the rounds where I made my time. At one point I thought I heard my altimeter mention 400 feet so I was still clinching up. 30 seconds later it said 900 and something feet and I had a good laugh as could relax for a change!

Gorden Buckland brought “Tricky” Ricky and he was working the crowd for food a pets. At one point he was walking on wings and tried to lift his leg on several planes. What a dog.