Flying Wednesday 5/10/17

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No one else showed up, so the only photo I have to attach is one of my Supra before I went out to fly.  The recent repairs are the wider, less visible patch on the nose cone, the more forward, shinier patch in front of the wing, the left wing tip and the vertical stab.

After numerous hand launches, I got the elevator trims approximately right and trimmed out the rudder.  Set out the winch and had a go.  Managed 6 winch launches without damage to plane or winch.  No mishaps!  It flew well.  Mostly I was trimming, but last flight I managed to work a thermal and extended the flight to about 6 minutes.  I still need to improve my speed control while circling with this very slick unlimited.  If the nose drops at all it picks up speed quickly.
I’ll fly it this weekend in the contest, so the rest of you won’t have to worry about being in last place.
Bill Coalson