Flying report Monday 5/22/17

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I bet you guys didn’t think you’d ever get a flying report from me! But yesterday my phone rang with a gracious invitation from Bob Gill to join him for what promised to be a perfect, low-wind, hi-start day at the sod farm.

The field was in absolutely perfect shape. In attendance were Ed and Art, Jeff M, Bill C, John H, Bob and me. Lift was abundant sometimes, not at others. Bob kindly lent me an Ava, and I tried to remember how to do it. The first three flights I made my time, no problem. On flight #2 Bob put out a landing tape and I choked, landing on the tape but inverted. On #3 I nailed a perfect 100, producing laughter all around. Bob took a pic of the plane’s nose resting on the tape to prove it. Thereafter, I landed off-field once and almost off another time, just to prove that no actual improvement has taken place during my multi-year layoff.


Jeff was flying an Oly 2 and specked it out more than once. A perfect Olympic day, and he was making the most of it with excellent flying. John flew Daedalus I, the magnificent ship built by Nelson and auctioned this spring. He had to leave before the lift really began to pop. Bill’s Radian looked good in the thermals, and Bob ran through his assortment of planes (3 AVAs, an Onyx, and an Oly 2), thermalling until his transmitter battery ran low.








Bob was shooting pictures, so perhaps he’ll post them. A splendid day with good flying buddies, good air, no carnage, and fun all around.



He’s baaaaack!     Hopefully.    😊













Not that I’m currently flying but would love to see Tony back flying. And also, thanks Tony for answering a question I didn’t know I had.

Always heard the name Oly but didn’t know it was the short of Olympic. As always, Tony is culture.