Flying report June 8, 2017

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The fantastic weather brought only 5 flyers out: Bob Gill, Jeff Melly, and I were there to fly off a hi-start, and Art and (I think) Ed were there flying electrics. We set up at the back road, and they set up at the creek crossing.

The wind was often zero, and never more than a light breeze. It shifted and switched, so our hi-start launches were never more than a couple of hundred feet. But there was little or no sink, so you could travel around searching, and there was a thermal to take you up on every launch. Each of us got up and out on every try, and once up high, just cruised from thermal to thermal. Blue sky, perfect visibility, stress-free flying — what can you say?
Bob put out a landing tape and we shot some landings. My scores were just barely good enough to be respectable, while he was plunking his nose down in the 90s every time.
Jeff flew his Oly 2, and is loving it. Bob had an assortment of Ava this and Ava that, plus a Topaz with an Ava wing (flies much better than the stock Topaz wing!). And I dusted off my composite Bubble Dancer, built in 2004 and still in pretty good shape. Few visible repairs, and still flies wonderfully. The trim hadn’t changed a bit in the 6 years or so that it has hung forlorn and abandoned in my shop. Glauco built that plane, so you know it’s gotta be good. I have received some negative comments about my paint scheme, but I like it and the plane has flown better ever since I painted it.
Anyway, just a perfect soaring day. Better take advantage of these when they come along!