What a Great 2Meter Fun Fly

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MVSA Glider Guiders

We held our first of the year Two Meter Fun Fly Contest, Saturday, May 23.  We had 12 flyers show up with 11 flying. I decided not to fly as I wanted to keep all the scores to aid in social distancing. All flyers verbally told me the flight times and I kept all records.

Many of the flyers told me they had fun so I guess the event was a success. 

We flew six rounds. The task was to get a cumulative time for all flights as close to 45 minutes as possible. Each flyer had to fly no less than three and not more than six flights to achieve the 45 minutes total time.  If they got 45 minutes in three flights they could elect to stop flying and submit their times. However, everyone ended up flying six flights. 

We set up a rectangular landing corral and if you landed in the corral you got to add 30 seconds to you flight time. 

There was a brisk wind so the hi start gliders were getting good launches along with the motor assist gliders. Radians were having a hard time penetrating when they got downwind. The highest total time for the six flights was 28 min 4 seconds. 

Small prizes (provided by the CD) were awarded for first thru third place.

Here are the final standings (sorry if I misspell anyones name):

1. Robert Samuels

2. Bill Ott

3. Kevin Cox

4. Bill Coalson

5. Jan Jansen

6. Dwayne Youngman

7. Bob Gill

8. Jeff Melley

9. Don Grizina

10.James Lowery (new guy)

11. John Heinickel

I would ask any of these flyers to improve this report by adding their thoughts on the flying, and sending it out to the club.

I look forward to holding this event again in June.

Larry Anderson