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September 2 Meter Fun Fly

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The September Two Meter Fun Fly Contest is history. We had 10 contestants and 3 visitors interested in RC gliding. Lift was everywhere.  You can tell by the cumulative flight times lift was there for the taking. No major accidents or even minor airframe damage as far as I know.  You may notice some names from the past in the results table. We had ties for second and fifth place and even when I used multiple tie breakers the tie breakers were tied. So, eveyone is a winner. Keven Cox took some pics so I would expect you will see them soon.

The task was to get to 30 minutes total time by flying a minimum of three rounds to a maximum of five rounds. Landing points could be had for landing in the corral. Similar to our previous fun flys.

Results follow:

1. Bill Coalson.      30:03

2. Dan Anderson.  29:56

2. James Laury.     29:56

3. Kevin Cox.          29:43

4. Rich Simpson.   28:09

5. Bill Ott.                20:14  

5. Don Grizina.       20:14

6.Dan Sunderman 19:57

7.Kees de Jong.    11:45

8. Mike Plein.           4:35

Case and Mike did not fly the full five rounds.   I did not fly so I could keep all scores to help maintain Covid social distancing. Each timer would verbally give me the flight times.

Hope you can make the October fun fly.

Larry Anderson CD