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September 2 Meter Fun Fly

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By Larry Anderson – Contest Director

The September Two Meter Fun Fly Contest is history. We had 10 contestants and 3 visitors interested in RC gliding.

Lift was everywhere.  You can tell by the cumulative flight times lift was there for the taking. No major accidents or even minor air-frame damage as far as I know.  You may notice some names from the past in the results table. We had ties for second and fifth place and even when I used multiple tie breakers the tie breakers were tied. So, everyone is a winner. Keven Cox took some pics so I would expect you will see them soon.

The task was to get to 30 minutes total time by flying a minimum of three rounds to a maximum of five rounds. Landing points could be had for landing in the corral. Similar to our previous fun flys.

1. Bill Coalson – 30:03
2. (Tie) Dan Anderson & James Laury 29:56
3. Kevin Cox – 29:43
4. Rich Simpson 28:09
5. Bill Ott – 20:14  
5. Don Grizina – 20:14
6. Dan Sunderman – 19:57
7. Kees de Jong – 1:45
8. Mike Plein – 4:35

Case and Mike did not fly the full five rounds. I did not fly so I could keep all scores to help maintain COVID social distancing. Each timer would verbally give me the flight times.

Hope you can make the October fun fly.