9/18/21 – 2M Fun Fly / Contest – Foley, MO

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By Larry Anderson, CD

Today we flew the 2M Fun Fly Contest in Foley, MO and we had a great turnout.

Eight club members made the drive to the field in Foley, MO for the five round 2M contest. The weather was 89F blue skies with few clouds and wind light and variable to 6 from the east. We had 8 club members show up with 7 flyers competing. The lift was ready and willing.

Bill O. returns to his truck after a flight.

The overall task was to fly a total of 30 minutes in five rounds or less. Robert, Brian and Dan all achieved the 30 minutes. Robert and Brian achieved 30 minutes in three rounds, Dan did it in five rounds. Tie braking resulted in Robert and Brian sharing first place and Dan winning second place.


1. Robert    30.00
1. Brian      30.00
2. Dan        30.00
3. Jan         29.19
4.  Bill        25.03
5.  Bob       24.22
6.  Kevin     16.32