A few fly on first fun fly

By Dan G., MVSA Webmaster

The first event of the year brings ten members out for chilly, swapping stories and flying under a blue sky with medium winds.

The wind kept half of those who ate John’s homemade chili today on the ground while the other half experienced wind and at times violent lift. John launched his electric Ava as all but Bob G. watched. Robert, Bill O. and Dan G. would soon join in. Bill flew an electric scale glider while Bob G. flew his Ava Pro and Robert with a two-meter electric.

John H. gets bowls out as Rich R. gets his own bowl and cornbread ready for chili.

Those on the ground watched the few gliders navigate the windy buoyant air. Robert put his 2-Meter away for a DLG which he flew for some time.

Dave Q. checks the wind behind Robert S.

The event was the first of the year as the others were cancelled or postponed due to rain or wind or both. Next Saturday (April 23) will be the postponed Thermal Duration contest from April 9 followed by the makeup for the Hand Launch Contest (April 30) postponed from April 2.