April 2nd Phantom Flyers 2 Meter Event

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Dan A. Event Coordinator, Phantom Flyers

Sunday, April 2nd, is opening day for the Phantom Flyers R/C club 2 meter sailplane events. The pilots meeting/flying starts at 10:00.

Looks like it will be sunny with a bit of breeze (windy). Might be a day to try a little ballast. Join the club for a day of flying and make this a great event. Come on out even if you don’t have a glider to fly. You can always help time flights and cheer the others on.

Event Aircraft Requirements:

+ Maximum 2m wingspan
+ Rudder and elevator controls only, no ailerons, flaps or spoilers
+ If the airplane has a speed brake / spoilers, it is not to be used in the contest V-Tail is allowed in lieu of the elevator and rudder Primary wood construction airframe (as in Vista), or foam airplane (as in Radian)
+ No primary carbon or other composites structures. A carbon book glider cannot fly in the event –
+ Boom or spar cannon be 100% carbon Reinforced structure allowed such fiberglass skinned fuselage over wood and wood spar strengthened by carbon fibers allows

Launch Requirements

+ Club to provide hi-start. Hi-start tension to be limited.
+ Simple hooks for hi-start.
+ No loitering on the hi-start.
+ Electrics to be altitude limited.
+ Electric launch required to be altitude limited to 100m. This can be accomplished with devices such as the Soaring Circuits CAM or FrySky systems. Not an F5J system.
+ Electrics to launch in the same direction as the hi-start.


+ Landing coral will be used.
+ No lawn dart landings.
+ Flight duration is 7 minutes (can be adjusted if CD chooses).
+ Other details provided at the contest.