Saturday Sloping at Mills Mall Hill

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Glider Drivers   Five MVSA club members spent the afternoon at Mills Mall Hill. We had four flyers Robert Samuels, Ed White, Chris Marshall and myself (see pic) We had one watcher, Dan Anderson, who wished he had put his Ridge Ryder together. All four of us all got plenty of flying. Robert may have been up the longest at any single session, over 20 minutes by my counting. The slope lift was typical Mills conditions of variable lift with plenty of rotors. At times it felt like we had strong winds but poor lift, go figure. We all had fun and got some exercise going up and down the hill retrieving our gliders.   Larry Anderson     The conditions were strange today: one moment big slope lift with thermals popping and the next nothing … with a long walk to get your plane.


I flew my Solius and m60. I tried the fox but there wasn’t enough wind for it. Having the electric motor on the Solius helped a few times. The m60 few great- it handles light lift as well as big winds.

Robert and I stayed later and winds calmed, but the lift returned. Robert had his sloping machine, the mini Radian, flying great. So well that he couldn’t tell when the gyro was on or off. We even had a mid air, but it just bounced off the Solius without damage to either plane. We left about 4:30.

It was fun having a beautiful dry & sunny day with four planes buzzing around!

Chris Marshall



That sure is a good-looking M60.   Tony Estep    


Hi Flyers:


What Chris didn’t mention was how well the little umx Radian handled the slope.  It was a delight.  Easily managed the winds and stayed up on the slightest breeze.  Could do big loops and relatively fast speed runs along the face of the slope.

Much, much better slope plane than I have any reason to suspect it would be.

If you have one don’t hesitate to slope it even it the winds seem too high for the little guy.  It easily handled the same winds that was keeping the M60 in the air.   It can do it … and do it well.

Robert Samuels