Ed Rau wins Unlimited in July TD Contest!!! – 7/8/17

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Hi Fliers,
The final results and blow by blow carnage numbers for the July Unl/RES contest are attached. As usual, the final results are not quite as fun to read as the round by round. Congratulations to Fast Eddie for taking top honors in Unl, and to yours truly for a big RES win. (I like patting myself on the back. Hope to do it more often!)
We had nine fliers out for unlimited and six of us doubled up and flew in RES as well. The nice thing about the newer RES ships like the Ava Pro and Super Ava Pro is that they can be quite competitive in unlimited and flying the same plane in two classes is twice as much fun! Since my new Euphoria is not quite done yet, I did just that with my Super Ava Pro which really gave me a chance to get the feel of it. I found that I could really circle it tight in the smaller bubbles and it was still easy to see when high up with its big wing.
It turned out to be a pretty hot day, hitting 94deg in the afternoon, but the steady 10mph breeze kept it from being too unbearable. There was a lot of pretty good air for those who found it, but there were also times where almost everyone found the stink. That left just about everyone with a pretty big hole in their score cards at one time or another.
Flying commenced about 9:30am and we flew until 2pm, getting in 4 rounds. If we want to get in that elusive 5th round, we are really going to have to find a way to get started earlier. As it was, stopping at 2:00 meant that it was 3:00 before everyone was packed to go, and it was after 4pm by the time I was home and unloaded. I would suggest that we try an 8:00am or 8:30am start time for August in order to get ahead of the heat and to get in that last round if it’s not too bad. I would also suggest going to a called flight order just to keep things moving along. We had several occasions this time where we needed one more flier in the air to complete a round and that person was out timing for someone else. I know you guys like ‘relaxed’, but I think ‘relaxed’ got pushed a bit too far this time around.
Here are the top 5 places in each class at the end of the day:
Score   Norm   Name
2022    1000         Ed Rau
1903     941.15    Dave Quist
1884     931.75    Wayne Wimbish
1843     911.47    Rich Rennecamp
1721     851.14    Bob Gill
2560    1000         Wayne Wimbish
2219     866.80    Bob Gill
2009     784.77    Rich Rennecamp
1452     567.19    Bob Williams
1081     422.27    Ed Rau
It was a totally great day and I know that everyone there had a great time. Two weeks now until the Nats and then we can do it all again next month.
Let’s do it again soon!
Wayne Wimbish with new Super AVA Pro – July RES winner!