July HL Contest Results – 7/1/17

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Hi Flyers:  Another great HL contest.  It was me, Fr. Wayne and Dancing Bill.  The weather was beautiful.  Warm but enough wind to make it comfortable.

The sod farm is in primo condition.  All grass and lots of lift.  We did ALL UPs for 12 rounds.  Yes … 12 rounds.

Dancing Bill is becoming a respectable competitor.  Fr. Wayne maidened his new ship … a Stream NXT.  I had to work hard to stay up with him.

I flew my Twinkle for most of the morning and it performed much better than I deserved.  When the wind increased I switched to my XXLite.  I’m amazed how well that little skinny winged plane works.  It’s much faster than any other ship but still goes up when you hit lift.  The advantage is that it squirts around the sky so fast that the odds of finding lift is increased.

After 12 rounds we were all “wore out”.

Another great day at the field.  You should have been there.

El Roberto

Hi Fliers,
Doing things on the computer has been backed up due to being hard at work on building two new planes for the Nats and since Windows 10 dumped a major update on me yesterday that took me offline all evening. Trying to get caught up today.
Here are the results for last Saturday’s July 1st HL contest. As Robert previously reported, three of us went out last Saturday and dueled for 12 rounds of hand launch on what turned out to be a hot and breezy day. While that sounds like a lot of rounds, and it is, when you only have three people, and the max is only three minutes, rounds go by pretty fast. Still, that is 36 flights flown each over about four hours and we were pretty tired by the time we headed home.
It was a breezy day, but there was abundant lift and abundant sink. It was a day when someone would hit big air and at the same time someone else find the skunk. The phrase, “Ooooohh mannnnnn” was heard almost every flight when the 1st guy landed early only to look around and see someone else skied out.
So Robert, Bill, and I duked it out with Robert handily coming out on top. Old age and cunning will get you every time. Tell Robert to remember that I am getting older too and I’m coming for him! As Robert said, Bill is really becoming a quite capable pilot and I think he is at a point where his planes are holding him back. I guess I need to move up to something newer so that he can as too, and then someone else can move into flying his planes. A progression like that really helps, and it also brings in new fliers as well.
The final results were:
Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total Total W/Drops Drops Norm
Robert S 1000 916 1000 1000 934 1000 915 1000 850 1000 1000 603 11218 9765 1453 1000.00
Wayne W 739 1000 1000 500 1000 796 934 682 1000 914 914 1000 10479 9297 1182 952.07
Bill C 705 832 835 333 852 850 1000 700 558 338 546 355 7904 7233 671 740.71
You guys with the big airplanes with the winches and the propellers really don’t know what you are missing. The pure pleasure of skying out from a hand launch is really amazing. More of you really ought to come out and watch a few times to get a taste. And also, we could really use the club support. If we just had three volunteers for timers, we could really fly the type of tasks that dlgs were meant for. As it is, it is just 1,2,3 throw, 36 times in a row.
Hope to see more of you out next time,