September Unl/RES Contest Results – 9/9/17

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Hi Fliers,

What a fantastic day for flying. The winds were light, the sun was bright, and the lift was outstanding. I usually didn’t have too much difficulty finding it. I think I only missed time on one out of eight flights for the day and was able to hit the tape on all attempts. The high point of the day was hitting 2100’ agl with my Super Ava Pro. Sure did get hard to see. 🙂

The final results and cry by cry details are attached There were quite a lot of other great score cards turned in as well. Too bad one sink cycle cost me in UNL. I wasn’t the only one.

The sad item of the day came in round two when four of us were specked out in the same lift when Art lost sight of his Oculus up high and no one was able to pick it up before it went in. The good news is that it was found with wings and tails and motor intact. The bad news is that the fuse is toast. If I know Art though, this will not keep him down.

It was such a great day that after everyone else was dragging themselves home, I pulled out my new Vortex3 dlg and flew for another 20 minutes or so getting in some more tuning flights. Finally left about 4:20 and called it a day.

Here are the final results:


2722    1000.00    Robert

2611     959.22     Dave

2307     847.54     Wayne

2041     749.82     Bob Gill

1753     644.01     Bob Williams

1400     514.33     Rich

1119     411.09     Ed


2751    1000.00    Wayne

2316     841.88     Bob Gill

2268     824.43     Rich

1657     602.33     Ed

675       245.37     Art

637       231.55     Bob Williams


btw, the web site has been updated with today’s scores and a “Class Total” column has been added so that people can tell where they stand in each class. Keep in mind that currently it is the best three scores in everything except unlimited which is best four. That will continue to change as the contest year proceeds. Also remember that ALL scores count towards Year-End Overall award, including both days of the GSO.

You all should have been there, it was a fantastic day.


I was all fired up to fly in both events today, but my daughter escaped from Florida and arrived at midnight last night. So, toy airplanes had to be put on hold.

It must have been a perfect day for a contest. What happened? Who took home the big money?


Tony:  It was a super day.  Clear skies but plenty of lift.  After 3 rounds I was ahead of Prez Dave by just a few points.  Even though it was open winch we decided to have a man on man kind of fly off.  We were both up and down keying off each other for the full 10 minutes.  During the landing pattern Dave got hit with sink and missed the landing.  So, I got the win but it was just luck. Dave is a tough competitor.

There was some other excitement but I’ll leave it to others to tell the story.

That’s the way I saw it.


Thanks for the kind words Robert.

I messed up twice on the last flight. I didn’t stick to my plan of going down wind immediately which put me in a bad spot of being 150′ scraping for lift. Bob G helped me a lot hopping from one to the other until I was about 700′. Then my second misfire, on coming back towards the landing area at 7 minutes in and mentally shifting to the landing, I dove the Shadow a minute to early to bleed off altitude and found myself in a serious large area of sink.

Robert was the better flyer yesterday by making better decisions as he usually does. I’m just trying to be like Robert!

It was a great day yesterday for lift, and as the day moved along the lift became stronger and the sink cycle did too. The fly off with Robert was a lot of fun. I hope Art doesn’t have much trouble getting his Oculus back in the air soon.


Thanks to Robert and Dave for the update. Also thanks to Wayne for posting the scores. I was disappointed to miss the best contest weather of the year and a chance to fly in Unl and RES. I’ve been out of town for a while and then my unexpected house guest arrived from Key West. Fortunately as far as she can tell her house is okay. Anyway, see you guys at the field sometime, I hope.