Brushing off Hangar Dust

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Hi Flyers: We had a FABULOUS day at the field today. There were 5 of us for a DLG extravaganza. Me, Wayne, John, Dancing Bill Coalson, and Prez Dave. We were knocking some rust off, polishing established skills, and even maidening a new plane. The lift was abundant, and the enthusiasm was rampant. I got there a little afternoon and didn’t leave until 4:00. Dave’s new plane required a bit of reprogramming. Re-programming as he, somehow, had cross trims, and this was confusing. After getting things working correctly, Dave made a few hand tosses and then went into full DLG mode. He skyed out several times and looked like he had been flying DLG all his life. Bill Coalson must have been practicing. His launches were spectacular, and his flying skills kept him in lift beautifully. John was flying like a real pro. His launches were better than mine (which are wimpy), and his flying skills were impressive. Dave was just getting started with the launching, but he was able to find lift and sky out dramatically. It was super fun seeing everyone having such a fun time flying DLG.

You should have been there.  I’m glad I was.  🙂