DLGs Dancing With Eagles

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Good Morning Gents,

So last Monday (3/2/20) afternoon, I met Wayne and Robert to watch them fly their Hand Launch planes at Woodlands Park in St. Peters.  They gave an excellent clinic on how to fly in a target-rich environment. There were plenty of trees and tall light poles with a fair amount of room to fly, too.  Wayne was maiden[ing] his new Vortex, and Robert was flying his Revolution.  I was with Robert as he skied his out early in the session.  Wayne had some nice flights, but he was working on trimming, primarily.  Interesting different ideas on the design. Robert’s Revolution had what I would call a hollow stick that you attach your radio gear to with the battery fitting into the end of it Wayne’s Vortex has all servos in the fuse with an interesting setup that connects two of the servos to the flaperons.  On the other hand, my Fritz2 has two servos in the fuse with two in the wing.  It was fun to watch, and it pushes me to get mine finished.