71F December Flying

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By Dan G, MVSA Webmaster

The air had warmed to 71 degrees as the winds drifted off from 13 to 3 mph – a recipe for a great December flying day – not without news.

Robert S. spiraled in his Volo breaking the fuse and all five joiners. He became disoriented as the plane was 50 feet above the ground at the south horizon around 11am. Dan G. ran to the crash site, made a few pictures and picked up a wingtip. Robert asked that the scene not be disturbed so he could understand the damage. He walked from the gravel road to the road on the south side of the field. The crash occurred about 30 feet north of the road. – He allowed us to use one of the pictures for the story.

Bill R. and Dan G. helped carry back the wings as Robert carried the fuse – broken just forward of the wing. Robert explained, ‘the Volo’s joiners are designed to break in a crash to take the damage away from the other parts of the plane. Seated on a camping chair looking over the fuse – ordered parts to fix his plane.

Robert S (in good spirits) orders a new fuse and joiners for his Volo after today’s crash.

Wayne flew his Volo today as well and packed up as the winds picked up.

Tim J. drove out from Springfield, Illinois to fly with the guy who taught him to fly in the 1970’s – Bob G. The two had loosely stayed in touch over the years. He brought out a 2M glider he bought at a swap meet in Iowa but later flew Bob G.’s Ava Pro and (looking it up).

Tim J flies Bob G’s Ava Pro. Tim drove out from Springfield, Il to fly with is 1970’s flying teacher, Bob G.

Several others came out to the field as well. Brandon M., son of Mark M, drove by and also flew Bob G’s Ava Pro. He said he’ll be joining the club in 2022. Bill R. flew his foam glider for a 9 minute 52 second flight drawing praise from Robert S.. He and also flew his Olympic 99.

Bryan G. flies his new 3-D Printed Bald Eagle.

Bryan G. brought out a sub 2M 3-D Printed Bald Eagle. More than a few hawks took notice. One hawk thermaled over the launch area looking for food oblivious to Jeff M and Dan G circling with him.

Brandon M (left to right) and Tim J walk back with Bob G and his Ava Pro.

Bryan G also brought out a quad copter to experiment with air-to-air video of the flying club. The whirling blades could be heard as Jeff M launched his Ava Pro and as Bob G made a tactical approach with is Ava Pro. He has been asked the individual pilots for permission to follow them and at times Dan G has helped coordinate.

As this group limped off the field and drove home e-mails swirled around the club about flying tomorrow (Friday, December 3rd) when the weather is forecast to me 5-10 and 70 degrees.