December Shorts Weather brings the Flyers

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By Dan G., MVSA Webmaster

Rich R. pulled back his hi-start pointing north-northwest as the wind began to shift to the north-northeast under a cloudless sky and 74 degree air. By today nearly the entire club will have been out to the field over the course of the last three days of May weather.

Ed R. and Larry A. brought electric gliders out while Rich R. and Dan G. brought out Ava Pro’s and an Aspire.

“The lift is everywhere,” Rich said as he walked back to the flight line for a break.

Ed powered up and made an impressive flight as Dan and his friend Lisa (maybe a new flyer?) arrived and setup Bob G.’s Ava Pro. Lisa got a little stick time on the Ava Pro as Dan stood by. After a few flights he brought out the Aspire, setup a hi-start crossing the field and passed Rich as he pulled back. After a few flights he squeaked out a 5 minute 39 second flight mainly lower over the field. The wind shifted to the east and Dan reset the hi-start looking for dry-er ground to spiral in his stake.

John H. showed up with a hand launch and chucked it into the nearly still air.

After several wind shifts Rich and Dan discussed the energy had just left the air. They all gathered and talked about flying and the fact all of their birthdays were in December. Crazy! As the near winter sun fell towards the horizon, the sweaty crew packed up and headed home. It was 2:30pm.

Today’s forecast looks more promising for lift – 6-10 mph, sunny early with gathering clouds. What a week! Thursday, Friday and now Saturday with club flyers taking in what continues to be one final week of warm before a cold snap. With a week of cold on the way, there is still 60 degree days in the outlook.