Rare January Flying Day

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By Dan G. MVSA Webmaster

On the week of his birthday, Robert S. looked up and smiled at the field with seven other flyers. A rare warm January flying day is now in the books.

A promising forecast brought a scurry of messages on the club’s Google Group. “Flying Thursday” turned in to “who is in” as the weather forecast of sunny 50F+ and 5-10 mph winds began to circulate. The list of RSVP’s slowly grew. A little morning rain shower this morning did slow the roll a little until Brendan reported sunny skies at the field. By the end of the afternoon eight flyers flew.

Brendan M. works on the plane program.

All grins, Robert S. practiced landings using a towel. Bill C. flew his 2-meter electric. Ed R. flew his 3-meter electric. Brendan flew a Pike and another plane. Rich R. flew his Ava Pro. Dan G. flew his Aspire. Larry A. came out as well and mainly took in the sun after a mishap with his plane. Wayne W. flew an electric V-Tail and had the best flight of the day.

Ed R. watches another flyer before launching.

As if it were fall, Bill R., Larry A. and Robert S. just sat – faces into the low winter sun – and just hung out. – Bob G. arrived late and brought his Maxa Lite. Dan G. flew it for the first time and seemed to naturally pick it up.

Bill R. (left to right), Larry A. and Robert S. hang out under the January sun.

There were little jokes made about flying on Friday or maybe Saturday. The forecast holds rain on Friday turning into snow with a 1-3 inch accumulation. While the forecast feels like winter weather is finally here, there is a glimmer of light next week – Tuesday – 53 and partly sunny with light winds – the only day like it beside today in two weeks. The first contest is 50 days away – but who is counting.