“Windout” – March HL Contest Shutdown

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By Dan G., MVSA Webmaster

Dave Q., CD for today’s contest, held a vote and it was unanimous – no contest on account of marginal conditions worsening. Two hours later at 11:50am Lambert International Airport was reporting 25-34kt wind. Today was to be the first MVSA contest of the 2022 season.

Bill R. was first to the field, hand launching his DLG under rows of sunlight beaming between moving clouds. Early on the conditions were – ok. Robert S. and Dave Q. soon arrived. Robert slowly crossed the field and made a few launches as a growing small group looked on. He came back to his car after a few flights and added weight.

Kevin arrived and smiled as his plane hung in the air as he stood on the field. Rich S. arrived and picked up the DLG he bought from Dave Q., took a few minutes to transfer the program to his transmitter and then was off to make a first flight. The launch was near horizontal and downwind as reactions were heard across the field – wrong flight mode for launch.

Kevin looks to camera with his DLG glider floating in the wind.

Dave Q. walked on to the field and made a few flights only to walk back to the pit area with a smile. The message was – ‘maybe today is not the right day’. A vote was held and there was only light interest from Robert and Rich. Dave Q. soon made the call – no contest today.

Next Saturday is the first Thermal Duration contest date with a similar forecast.