Thermal Duration Contest Postponed Due to Cold Weather

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By Dan G., MVSA Webmaster

Tomorrow’s contest thermal duration contest will be postponed due to cold temperatures.

“Conditions tomorrow are going to be way too cold,” Contest Director Bob G. said. “We will probably postpone until the fourth Saturday of the month. Next Saturday is third and will be our first FFF (Food, Fellowship, and Flying). Weather looks good so far. Fly what you bring and there will be food. Stay tuned.”

Also taken into consideration was the unknown conditions of the private field, safety and lack of fun flying in the cold by flyers as well as the danger caused by specific battery types which lose function in the cold temperatures.

This is the second contest cancelled or postponed this month due to weather. Last week’s hand launch contest was cancelled due to high winds and this week due to cold conditions. Early morning flurries sprinkled the St. Louis area today giving way to predicted subfreezing temps of 19F by CD meeting time on Saturday.

The call by the CD ends a week of weather watching and contest predictions. Hours before the call, club members began to plan for flying on Sunday when the air temp is predicted to be a sunny 60F with wind WSW at 14mph. Spring begins next Sunday, March 20th.