Monday Flying Report – 8/28/17

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Hi Flyers:  I met Wayne at the field this morning and we got in some great DLG flying.  The wind was light and so was the lift.  Finding lift was a challenge but there was plenty of sink.  This was great for what we were doing.  That is testing each others skill at this aspect of soaring.  Lots of throwing, flying and laughing at each other and ourselves.

After Wayne left I moved down and joined Bob Gill.  Bob was flying his big RE ship and his (im)Perfect.  I was still flying DLG.

Lift was abundant.  Almost everywhere.  It was super fun.  I was doing loops and rolls and inverted flying.   Bob did the same.  But he did it with the unlimited Perfect.

One time I almost lost sight of my plane.  It was at a decent altitude and I did not lose it …. but I could not keep my eyes off Bob working some very low level lift with the Perfect.  He was brushing the grass with his wing tip at times.  It was amazing.

Finally he gave up and I was able to go back to flying my plane.  Whew!

Lots of fun.

You should have been there.

El Roberto