Saturday Flying Report – 8/26/17

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We had a beautiful day to fly yesterday. If you could have come out and decided against it, you should kick yourself because it was simply beautiful.
We had Larry, John, Rich, Art, Wayne, Bill, and myself. John brought out his launching trailer which was great. I believe he has a winch repair /repair in the near future as it seemed to loose power and was making a noise. I tried some video with a RunCam taped to my wing, that turned out fairly well for a first try. I’ll be sending a link when I figure out what website I want to have it on as it is 56MB in size after I trimmed it up.
We had some interesting Flying as thermals were hiding from time to time.
The other cool thing was we got to see Wayne’s new bird fly. It looked like it flew nice and smooth to me. I’m sure he’ll be flying it the next contest.

During my initial flight of the day I noticed that a landing tape had been put out on the field. Decided to head for it and see what I could do. Note: I was standing on the gravel road about 100′ away for this approach and coming in at a 45deg angle to where I was standing. I say this so that you all will will know that you don’t have to make a panicked run to the spot in case of a pop off or some other need to make a landing when you weren’t expecting to. Just keep your cool and bring it on in. Often, standing to the side of your approach can actually be better for judging your decent than coming in straight on. This landing would have been worth about 75 points. If I can do this you can too. Something to practice next time you are out fun flying.

Dave left out the part where his Shadow was up for over 45 minutes earlier.  The Thermal gods were smiling on the Shadow as it got so high that everyone had their eye on it as the Shadow touch the hand of the Thermal god.  It was great to see and the Prez landed with a modest, shucks, it wasn’t anything return to the Pit area.

John Heienickle