DLGs Dancing With Eagles

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Good Morning Gents, So last Monday (3/2/20) afternoon, I met Wayne and Robert to watch them fly their Hand Launch planes at Woodlands Park in St. Peters.  They gave an excellent clinic on how to fly in a target-rich environment. … Continued

LSF Level 3 30min flight – 6/23/18

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Possible field alert – Bob W was playing with his mosquito larvae friends yesterday from the standing water in the little ditch.  I believe mosquito’s may be numerous and hungry in the next day or two.  Bring plenty of repellent … Continued

Supra Repair Progress

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I thought I’d share a few photos of my progress in repairing the main wing section of the Supra I bought.  It had some damage when I bought it, but much less than my original Supra whose wing hit a … Continued