July HL Contest Results – 7/1/17

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Hi Flyers:  Another great HL contest.  It was me, Fr. Wayne and Dancing Bill.  The weather was beautiful.  Warm but enough wind to make it comfortable. The sod farm is in primo condition.  All grass and lots of lift.  We … Continued

JR Aerotow June 17, 2017

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Ed White, Brian Molloy, Pete George and I were at the Horizon Hobby Aerotow in Monticello Illinois today, June 17. The thermals were up there, the wind was brisk and we all had a good time. Pete and Ed have … Continued

Flying report June 8, 2017

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The fantastic weather brought only 5 flyers out: Bob Gill, Jeff Melly, and I were there to fly off a hi-start, and Art and (I think) Ed were there flying electrics. We set up at the back road, and they … Continued

Flying report Monday 5/22/17

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I bet you guys didn’t think you’d ever get a flying report from me! But yesterday my phone rang with a gracious invitation from Bob Gill to join him for what promised to be a perfect, low-wind, hi-start day at … Continued

May Unl/2M Contest 5/13/17

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  Gents,   We had a great day for a contest yesterday. We found the A and B fields were saturated and even had some standing water in places so after a search, we found that field F was perfect … Continued

Flying Wednesday 5/10/17

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No one else showed up, so the only photo I have to attach is one of my Supra before I went out to fly.  The recent repairs are the wider, less visible patch on the nose cone, the more forward, … Continued