HL Contest 3/19/2016

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Boy o boy, what a difference having four fliers makes for flying HL! I really enjoy the different tasks and strategies that are involved. With four fliers we can finally pair off and fly two on two. Which is something … Continued

Mills Mall 3/5/2016

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Here’s a video from this Saturday. As you can see, Mills is flyable. https://vimeo.com/157977964Chris Very good, Chris. Looks like the M60 takes more air to stay up than the Solius needs. But the air was good that day for both … Continued

Fults 2-28-2016

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There were four of us out sloping at Fults today; Ken, Mike, Taylor and myself. The winds were Yuge! It was blowing steady at 28 with gusts recorded at 47mph from the SW. Remarkably, no one lost a plane to … Continued


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Troy Glider Guiders We had a fun day breaking in the Troy flying site. We flew from the green triangle area next to the storage buildings (see pic). Six flyers showed up Ed W, Ed R, Bob G, Bob W, … Continued


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Hi Fliers, Caught a chance to get out this morning and make some quick check flights on my recently refurbished Polarises, and some more flights on my recently acquired Vortex dlg. Got out shortly after sunrise about 8am at Woodlands … Continued

Funfly Thursday 1/13/2016

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Hi Fliers, We had a little gathering at the sod farm today. Bob Gill, Robert, Art, and myself were there for a brief excursus into the never regions of the atmosphere. Yes, since the FAA now claims jurisdiction over everything … Continued

Frozen Finger Fun Fly 2016

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I got to the park at 10:00 meeting up with Bob Gill.  The sun was shining and it was surprisingly warm.  Winds were moderate.  There were several people at the field.  Two people flying quads and a couple working on … Continued